Traveling light

On our first ever trip to Paris, I decided to take David Hobby's advice on traveling light. I'm so glad I ditched the dSLR, lenses, and light stands! I only brought a small mirrorless camera (Fuji X100S) and single flash (which I only used once). It made for a much more enjoyable trip... and made this shot possible.

Limiting the gear not only allowed me to travel easier and more comfortably (can't imagine lugging a bunch of heavy gear around for hours in the heat of summer...), but the single focal length, fixed-lens camera forced a little creativity, which it turns out I loved. Rather than focusing on selecting from the many options (I was missing), I could use the advantages of the gear I DID bring to my... advantage.

For example, no flappy mirror bouncing around in the camera (like a dSLR has) allowed me to get this nighttime shot of the Eiffel tower "sparkling," hand-held! (ain't luggin' no stinkin' tripod neither!)

The last important piece to you being able to see this photo was the kind waitress at the restaurant where I drunkenly accidentally left the camera! She thoughtfully put it aside until Chad and I bar-hopped swiftly walked all the way back to retrieve it!