Since reading up-and-coming photographer Zack Arias' very detailed tutorial for shooting pictures against a white seamless background (as in, a giant piece of white paper hanging down from the ceiling, curving to the floor), I've noticed these types of images are EVERYWHERE! Magazine covers, print advertisements, television, internet... everywhere! The pictures are clean and the background can easily be manipulated to be any size, shape, color, or texture that is desired.

This shot was taken in my dining room with the table pushed out of the way. By blasting the background wall with a couple flashes, I was able to overexpose it and turn it completely white. Following Zack's video tutorial on post processing such pictures, I could easily change the "canvas" of the picture to, in this case, make it look like it was shot in a humongous room... and that these guys have incredible jumping abilities!

There is sooooooo much information out there on the internet (some of it even useful!), it is really as simple as choosing something new to learn and taking the jump! What are you going to learn next?
Strobist info: SB-800 with 1/4 CTO gel high to camera right in a shoot-through umbrella on ~ 1/4 power. SB-600 & SB-25 on ~1/2 power aimed at the back wall, one from each side.