"They" say children first learn by imitation. Essentially an overgrown child myself, I too find that I'm learning about photography and lighting by imitating those who actually know this stuff and are willing to pass along their knowledge. For them, I am incredibly grateful! In fact, I'm going to learn some more firsthand when two of my most influential "mentors" come to town in a week or so!!!

He told me he was going to copy what I looked like behind the camera when I was practicing lighting this cool stone garage foundation as a backdrop. Apparently, that is what I look like while I am "shooting" pictures... which should completely explain why I remain on the other end of the camera as much as possible!!!

Strobist info: He is lit by an SB-800 with 1/4 CTO gel in a snoot to high camera left, zoomed to 105mm, and fired at 1/2 power. Separation/background light on the rock wall is an SB-600 with a Full CTO gel in a homemade grid, raking the back wall from camera left to bring out the texture, fired at full power. Late-afternoon sunlight is filtering in through the trees from high camera right.