Tiny dancer

This shot is a good reminder to me that, no matter how much I learn about lighting and the technicals, all that just makes a picture better (hopefully anyway)... but it doesn't MAKE the picture. It is the timing, the fleeting glance caught on-camera, that frozen moment that people respond to most. When it (occasionally) all comes together - lighting, composition, and that special something, then you have a great picture.

I only get partial credit for this one, for bringing the camera along to the bowling extravaganza. Get 6 male cousins together and unleash them on an unsuspecting bowling alley and watch them (not to mention, the owner) respond, you better have the camera! My brother-in-law Vin was manning the camera (and blasting away on the motor drive at 3 frames a second) to capture this little gem-of-a-reaction from the youngest.

Wait until he gets a little older and we tell him his excitement was all over getting a 4 with the first ball. Elton John would be proud!

Strobist info: On-camera SB-600 with a 1/2 CTO gel bounced off of the ceiling at ~1/4 power.