Bye bye Boogie

It is with mixed emotions that I made this photo of a piece of my past - my Mesa Boogie "half stack." Budding electric guitarists seem to long for a half stack amplifier/speaker cabinet and Mesa Boogie is the "Ferrari" of them. Playing through it was nothing short of incredible, except for that time it crushed my big toe...

Shamefully, this piece of engineering genius has sat untouched in the closet for over a year. Like a nice car, it needs to be driven. It deserves it. And I will always have a "record" of the amazing, crunchy-low-end-with-epic-smooth-high-end sound as it was what I played through when Orion recorded "Home Brew."

So, it is going up for sale and I needed pictures to promote it. I thought it would be fun to post a few up to see which you like best. In sticking with the one-photo-per-page theme of this site, I decided to post the pictures separately but in rapid succession (all this week).

Check back tomorrow for the next shot. I look forward to your feedback!

Strobist info: The back separation light, isolating it from the back wall, is an SB-25 with a 1/2 CTB blue gel in a snoot from back camera left raking the back wall, fired at 1/32 power. A gridded SB-600 from high camera left at 1/8 power is lighting the upper half of the speaker cabinet. An SB-800 in a SB-III from low camera left fired at 1/16 power to light the lower half.