Traffic circles

Driving home one night I remember glancing over at this highway interchange, at the way the street lights caught the roadway and the retaining wall behind it as it wove around the circle island thingy, and it really grabbed me visually. My first thought was, that would make a cool photo... except that the point-of-view that I was at while driving down the highway did not exactly lend itself to me standing there in the middle of it to take the picture - at least not without getting arrested or run over, or run over while being arrested.

For a few months after that night, I made it a point to look at the spot from as many different positions as I could while driving around town to maybe determine where I may actually, safely be able to shoot a photo from. Just recently (I'm a little slow, I know) I realized I could stand on a nearby bike path and get an unobstructed view from the angle I wanted without cheating death by high-speed-impact-with-a-careening-hunk-of-plastic. I threw the tripod in the trunk and left it there for when the opportunity to stop and take this shot arose.

I intentionally picked a very long exposure (25 seconds) and timed it to get maximum traffic going around the circle in both directions, so you can see the streaks of headlights and taillights on the road. I also tried to include enough of the lights from a nearby shopping plaza in the partially foggy sky to separate the treeline in the background from the darkness of night. Whatd'ya think? (As always, click the photo for a bigger version.)