Side lines

The more I photograph, the more I begin to understand all the clichés that photographers always seem to bring up: it's not about the camera, it's a vision-thing, etc. I find I am starting to see things differently when I look at them, with or without a camera in my hands.

I don't just see people in empty bleachers - now I am beginning to see interesting lines, shapes, patterns, colors, and lighting as well. (Exciting, I know! ;) )

So when I was asked by my friend Corwyn, who suavely injected himself into the position of official photography sponsor with the new local semi-pro soccer club, the Worcester Hydra, to come along to the sidelines as a second shooter, I couldn't pass it up. A new experience for me, creating photos to help a community activity for fans get off the ground, and hanging out with a friend? Sure thing!

The kick

Some more things I learned: Shooting action is hard. Shooting at night has it's own challenges. So shooting action, at night, with a 7-year-old camera? Should be no problem, right? I learned a lot for 1 day actually, but have plenty of room left on that curve. (You can see our combined effort on the team's Facebook page.)

Most importantly, I had fun... which is more than I can imagine was probably going through this poor guy's head at the time I was just standing there pushing a button!

Ouchie-wahwah! (as my little soccer fans say)

Interested in supporting the team? Go check out a game on the cheap, spread the word, or you can buy a print of any of the really nice photos (hint: those would be the ones Corwyn took), half the proceeds of which go to supporting the Hydra.