As luck would have it, we (Jen) stumbled upon a kid's concert by PBS Kid's Steve Roslonek a couple towns away from where we were on vacation this summer. While I think it is important to introduce kids to music, that intolerable crap on most "children's TV shows" doesn't exactly fit my description.

Steve's songs are different... actually quite good! The lyrics may be kid-centric but the music and performance of it is entertaining - even for grown-up kids like me. My favorite song of his, "If you want to fly," is arguably better than most of the junk on the radio today!

After listening to his (highly recommended) album Marvelous Day in the car most of the week, you can imagine their surprise when the boys found out they were going to see Steve in-the-flesh. For a highly-entertaining guy, he did not disappoint when meeting us after the show and I was able to snap a quick shot of his spontaneous craziness before the kids knew what was happening.

Strobist info: Manually exposed for the sky, dropped it a stop or so, and fill-flashed them from on-camera with an SB-800 zoomed to 50mm and fired at 1/2 power.