Top dog

While he may be the youngest of all his siblings & cousins, when he sat in on his cousin Caitlin's Christmas card set, his personality (even with his "puppy" on his head) as top dog around here began to shine through!

Dog in hand
Strobist info: This is a 2-light setup where the key light on him is an SB-800 with a 1/4 CTO gel in a gridded homemade beauty dish from upper camera left, zoomed to 24mm and fired at 1/4 power. The background light is an SB-600 directly behind him (aimed at the background) in a homemade bare bulb adaptor (decapitated plastic jelly bottle) with a small piece of gaffer's tape over the end (to dull the hot spot), zoomed to 24mm, and fired at 1/8 power. Subtle fill light is from a white reflector (foam board) to camera right. A slight drag of the shutter brings up the ambient daylight streaming in through a window behind and to camera left of the background paper, giving a small highlight on his hair to camera left.