When it comes to the kiddo's stepping in to let me practice my lighting stuffs, needless to say, they are extremely enthusiastic about it. I'm excited to try out all my crazy ideas and they just love doing their thing in front of the camera. It's truly a symbiotic relationship.

Truth be told, he did agree to help me out if he could wear his (current) favorite hat, which made us all happy.


In playing around previously, I noticed that if I wasn't careful with how tightly the grid was attached to my homemade beauty dish, light would sneak out through the space between the grid and the dish. This was annoying in some instances, but I used it to my advantage here to throw those little stripes of light onto the background for a little more interest.

What's the lesson there? Know your gear. Or better lucky than good.

Arrrrrrrrrrr. Whatever.

Strobist info: This is 2 light setup crosslighting him. The key light is an SB-800 with a 1/4 CTO gel in a gridded homemade beauty dish to camera left, zoomed to 24mm, and fired at 1/4 power. The rim / hat light is an SB-25 in a Lumiquest Softbox-III to back camera right, zoomed to 24mm, and fired at 1/16 power. The funky pattern on the background wall is light sneaking through a space between the beauty dish (key) and the grid on it.