A little late-summer fun was sure to be had by all (well, most of us) when they started playing with the garden hose. My wife, Jennifer, looked at me with a "where is your camera when we need it" look, so I ran and grabbed it.

Photographically, things were happening quickly so I found myself mentally going though some options of how to make the best photo I could while not missing the action (or getting electrocuted). Here is what my mental checklist looked like:

  • Could I benefit from "lighting" this scene? Forget it - no time and lots of water being wielded by 2-year-old!
  • Water always looks best when backlit, so move around to put the sun behind them.
  • Clean up the background as best I can by moving to position the dark bushes behind them.
  • Keep the shutter speed up enough to freeze any action that might happen.
  • Stop-down (the aperture) to keep a group of them in focus.
  • Lock focus on a face I can see.
  • Motor-drive.
  • Stay dry!
  • Yup, that happened. Happy watering!