Green Halloween 2013

October means it is once again time for what has become a tradition at our house: a party full of Halloween costume shenanigans and utter chaos (the good kind). As the overzealous photographer of the family, I've had my share of fun in the past few years shooting photos the hooligans on a dark background (2011) and on white, a la Apple's iOS6 commercial (2012).

This year, I wanted to Halloween-it-up a bit more and go for more colorful, scary, festive lighting (which I totally stole from Joe McNally).

As always, click on a photo to see it big.

Strobist info: This set was lit with 4 speedlights and shot way above the ambient exposure (i.e. it is all flash). The background light is an SB-26 with 2 x full Plus Green fluorescent-conversion gels on the floor in a Justin clamp, zoomed to 24mm, fired at ~1/4 power. The separation light is a red-gelled Lumopro LP180 with a Honl 1/8" grid, boomed above and behind them on a C-stand, zoomed to 105mm and fired at ~1/4 power. The key is a blue-gelled (full CTB) SB-800 in a Lumiquest SB-III on the floor in front of them pointing straight up, zoomed to 50mm, fired at 1/8 power. The fill is from a partially functioning SB-600 with a 1/2 CTO gel in an Orbis ring flash adaptor, zoomed to 85mm, fired at 1/2 power.