Selfie selfie

After fruitlessly trying to get a family photo in our Easter best, we gave up and told Jonathan he could give it a try with his new "selfie stick." When he returned with it to where we were sitting, we all smiled for his "selfie" but with everyone still in their places for my (now failed) family portrait and me still holding the remote for the "big camera" - it was too much to resist not clicking my button as he clicked his.

Above was the result. Happy Easter 2016!

And here is the shot taken from the iPod (and what the ambient room lighting without flash looked like).

Selfie selfie (iPod perspective)
Strobist info: Lit from camera left with an SB-800 sporting a 1/4 CTO gel into a white shoot-through umbrella, zoomed to 35mm and fired at 1/4 power.