Living on the edge

This shot was a direct result of following the advice of Joe McNally, a NYC photographer famous for climbing the Burj Khalifa tower (tallest building in the world) just to make a photo, who likes to say:

If you want to make more interesting photos, try putting your camera in front of more interesting things.
- Joe McNally

And more interesting is sometimes more dangerous...

Arguably more dangerous than hanging off of the rooftop antenna of the tallest building in the world was laying on a locker room floor, surrounded by 22 razor-sharp skate blades on the feet of 7-9 year olds! I told the boys (and girl) that I wanted to take a really cool photo of them at their one hockey tournament of the season. They were excited by the concept when I told them I was going to lay on the floor to take the shot on my phone while they leaned over me (and hopefully did NOT slice me to bits). Their parents were slightly horrified...

...but we got the shot!

No time for fancy lighting on this one, but I like how the ceiling lights ended up, color-wise and how the photo gets darker towards the edges.


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