about this site

Can a gadget-oriented hobbyist learn to be artistic when it comes to photography?

This site is not about showing off photographs of a very amateur photographer, as I have no delusions of them being good, but instead is a place for myself and others to learn the artistic side of photography, apply lessons learned to new photos, and solicit feedback on them.


As a lifelong tinkerer and technically-oriented gadget-guy, my inspiration for this site is best summed up in this excellent article by Ken Rockwell about how great photographs are not about the gear they were taken with or even the subjects in the photos themselves, but about more basic, artistic things which for me have been in a distant, unreachable part of the brain.


The Man My discovery of Strobist.com instantly changed my life as an amateur photographer. After devouring the content on that site and trying it just once, I felt like I took a huge leap forward and have never looked back. Thank you David Hobby!


By visiting this site, you are coming along for the ride on my educational journey through the world of photography and lighting, subjecting my family, friends, and anyone who will get in front of my lens to varying degrees of torture and speedlight-induced (temporary I hope) blindness along the way.

If you are instead looking for truly great photographs, try OneExposure or 500px.