A cool night in bean town

Boston Tea Party Museum. Boston, MA

Digging through some 2013 photos, I found this set I took at an instructional nighttime photo walk around Boston I did near Christmas time. The walk was a very thoughtful birthday present from my sister and was led by a photographer from Remember Forever.

Since this was a "beginner class" I wasn't sure how much I'd learn from the technical side, but I'm of the opinion that I can always learn something and when it comes to photography, it is pretty hard for me to not have fun. [Enjoying myself for 4 hours at windy, subzero temperatures was proof enough!] I concentrated on the toughest aspect for me (composition) while the instructor led us around to some pretty cool shooting locations. As it turns out I learned a LOT, mostly about things I never even considered.

  • A lesson Joe McNally likes to pass along: "If you want to make more interesting photos, try putting your camera in front of more interesting things." This photo walk was case-in-point for me.
  • A lens at 24mm on a crop sensor camera body may seem "wide" but for this kind of stuff, it is not nearly wide enough.
  • Camera batteries from ~2007 may behave like new under normal conditions, but outdoors for hours at 0F before the windchill will kill them very quickly. Luckily I had 2 - keeping 1 in the camera and 1 in my jeans pocket kept (one of) them just warm enough to function.
  • What initially was a set of disappointing photos to me, after nearly a year, actually turned into a set I like. Sometimes time away helps.
Seaport Boulevard bridge. Boston, MA
Faneuil Hall from Christopher Columbus Park. Boston, MA
Custom House Tower. Boston, MA
Christmas tree at Faneuil Hall. Boston, MA
Northern Avenue footbridge. Boston, MA