Cupid practice

This shot was taken at a children's Valentine's Day dance, which happened to be my first opportunity to try out a little of what I learned recently about using full manual control of both the camera's exposure settings and the flash's power to manipulate the lighting of a photograph. This was a bit of a dumbed-down abbreviated version of a Strobist concept because the flash was still mounted on-camera, but it was fun to experiment nonetheless.

The feeling of taking a picture then looking at the display and seeing it is awful but not knowing what to change to correct it is slowly moving towards "oh, I just need to adjust XYZ to get what I want." But more importantly, gaining the ability to change any aspect independently (background brightness/darkness/color, subject lighting quality/angle/degree, etc.) really opens up the doors for getting creative with a photograph.

I'm slowly beginning to understand the difference between taking a photograph and making a photograph.