Can you hear it?

This was taken during the parade for all the youth baseball teams in town. As each team of kids walking down the road passed underneath this bridge, they screamed, yelled, hooted, and hollered just to hear the echos. It was LOUD!

By shooting with a slow shutter speed and panning to follow them as they walked by, I got this busy, chaotic-looking photo. I really liked way the strong primary colors and the interesting side-lighting combined with the blur to convey what the atmosphere was really like under that bridge.

This kind of photo usually elicits mixed responses from viewers. Some people just see a blurry picture and therefore don't like it. Some photographers argue that if you get certain underlying artistic aspects of a shot "correct", it doesn't matter if it is blurry or even in focus at all if it tells a story better, like this one for example. For me, it was a test of instincts at framing and composition with no time for conscious thought, planning, or rethinking.

I'm curious what you think...