This was my first experiment into trying out the blown-away white background, as I like to call it. It is typically achieved (by other people who know what they are doing) by using white seamless paper behind the subjects and blasting it with a strobe/flash, then setting the camera to overexpose the background a bit. In my case, I taped some white posterboard to the back wall and used a flash sitting on the floor behind the little chair to light the posterboard. It was somewhat of a success except that the posterboard I had was too small so it didn't cover enough of the wall for this shot. I used a little Photoshop magic to cover up the bare wall in the picture.

I setup a flash/umbrella combination to light their faces, brought in the talent, and then just let it happen - which explains the rather interesting wardrobe choices and random composition. The boys were just getting dressed for the day and she was on her way out the door but I convinced them all to get into the frame for a few quick shots.

Strobist info: SB-600 high camera right zoomed to 24mm in a shoot-through umbrella with 1/4 CTO gel fired at 1/4 power. SB-25 on the floor behind the chair fired at white posterboard on the back wall.