American boys

American boys
Growing up in this country, I recall big (at the time) changes in my life as these milestones that most other American boys I knew also went through. I was both excited and nervous when my turn came to make that next jump - whether it be getting married, moving out on my own, going off to college, starting high school, or as in this case, heading off to the very first day of school.

I love the older brother comforting the younger one as he knows that he is no longer going to be around as much and the look on his younger brother's face showing (me, at least) that in his innocent happiness, he doesn't yet truly understand what is about to happen.

I'm excited that I've discovered how much lighting really plays into improving my photography and that there is so much more to look forward to learning! It is so cool that just knowing the tip of the iceberg enables a shot like this to be the baseline quality of photographs I know I can make without a heroic effort. This is almost exactly as it was taken in-camera, with just a minor crop, a tweak to the white balance, and a tiny bit of straightening of the photo to align the edges with the garage door lines better than I could do through the viewfinder.
Strobist info: Key is an SB-800 from high camera left, with 1/4 CTO gel, zoomed to 50mm and fired at 1/4 power. Rim light is the early morning golden sunlight from back camera right.