One of the "rules" of photography is that if your subject is not centered in the frame, they should be facing or looking towards the empty portion of the frame to "give them some space." But what good are rules if you can't break them?!?!

Here I was aiming to "record the moment" of a (nearly completed) journey of a mother and unborn child while highlighting the (errrrr, how do I say this right) "nearly completed" aspect. So while turning her to the left, I positioned her very close to the left edge of the frame to try to convey in a subtle way, the sense that things are getting a little crowded, not just in the frame but in the belly as well.

Strobist info: Main light is an SB-600 with 1/4 CTO gel to high to camera left into a black-backed reflective umbrella at 24mm fired at 1/2 power. Rim/hair light is from an SB-800 in a homemade black straw grid from high back, camera right, zoomed to 105mm, and fired at 1/16 power. Background/separation light is from an SB-25 in homemade bare bulb diffuser (decapitated plastic jelly bottle) zoomed to 85mm and fired towards the back wall from ~1 foot away at 1/64 power.