Head shot

Normally a "head shot" is a photographic term describing a close-up of someone's head and shoulders. Here it is a close-up of my Mesa Boogie amp head.

See what I did there... "head" like the top of a 1/2 stack and "head" like a close-up... Nevermind - I'm just overtired and amusing myself.

This is the power plant and control center of the half stack. Smooth and airy, hard and crunchy, and everywhere in between - this is where the sound gets dialed in. Notice that the volume knob does not go to 11... But even on-stage in the largest venue we played at, I don't think I ever had it above 4!!! This thing is crazy loud.

How does this shot compare to the previous one in your mind? What do you like more/less about it?

Thanks for your input - and check back tomorrow for one more "look!"

Strobist info: The back separation light, isolating it from the back wall, is an SB-25 with a 1/2 CTB blue gel in a snoot from back camera left raking the back wall, fired at 1/32 power. A gridded SB-600 from high camera left at 1/8 power is lighting the upper half of the speaker cabinet. An SB-800 in a SB-III hand-held directly above the head fired at 1/16 power.