Headless Jedi

So, if you're a kid and your Halloween costume of choice this year is The Headless Horseman, the "Halloween Party" poses a bit of a problem. Walking around, Trick or Treating with no head is not a problem, but how do you carve pumpkins, eat lots of food candy, and bob for apples in that outfit?

What you do is don't sweat the details, pick up a light saber, and fight the Dark Lord!

Strobist info: This shot is lit by 3 flashes: the main (front) light is an SB-800 with a 1/4 CTO gel in a shoot-thru umbrella, zoomed to 24mm and fired at 1/4 power. The two back/rim lights are an SB-600 & an SB-25, both snooted and zoomed to 85mm and, fired at 1/16 power.