Santa snack

This series illustrates:

(a) What Santa eats when little boys and girls fall asleep before leaving out his snack.

(b) What happens when kids eat too many candy canes before donning the Santa hat for a photo.

(c) The type of children that an immature nut-of-a-father like me is destined to bring up.

You choose!

Strobist info: The key light is an SB-800 with full CTO + 1/4 CTO gels in a Lumiquest Softbox III from high camera right, zoomed to 50mm and fired at 1/16 power. The fill light is from an SB-600 with a full CTO gel on a stand behind the camera facing away from him towards the wall behind me, zoomed to 24 mm and fired into the corner of the walls/ceiling at 1/32 power. Shot on tungsten white balance to make the Christmas tree lights the right color and bring the gelled flashes back to neutral coloring.