WYSIWYG. maybe

WYSIWYG is a computer term, an acronym actually, for What You See Is What You Get. Nowadays you can see the formatting of things as you type (think MS Word) unlike in the olden days way back in the 80's (ok, now that makes me feel old).

Photography for me for a long time was just like that: however something looked in-person was how it would look in my photos (if not more out-of-focus;). But learning about this crazy addictive craft has begun to allow me to make things or places or people look however I want them to look. (I definitely don't look this cool in real life!).

And to me, that is where the fun begins. What You See In My Photos Is Actually Whatever I Want You To See... (unless I haven't learned that part yet).

This one was the result of a girls' night out where I had a couple hours to see what I could learn with a willing and available subject - me. I learned just as much about my head and face as I think I did about my camera and lights.

Like, with too bright of a background my ears stick out a lot! 37 years and nobody ever told me that!!!

Strobist info: The two side/back lights are an SB-25 to back camera left, in a Lumiquest SB-III, zoomed to 24mm, fired at 1/16th power and an SB-800 to back camera right in a gridded homemade beauty dish, zoomed to 24mm, fired at 1/4 power. The fill light is an SB-600 in an Orbis ring flash adaptor, zoomed to 85mm, fired at 1/2 power.