Fran the man

After 3 years of offering to do photos for people willing to donate to support me on Team Dana-Farber in the Falmouth Road Race, it is finally starting to take - lots of people cashing in! (Speaking of which, we're at an even {and awesome!} $4000 this year - many thanks to all who contributed!)

Fran wanted a new photo for his LinkedIn profile and after tossing some ideas around, he said (in not so many words) he wanted the Jill Greenberg treatment. So we set to work in the filthy, unphotogenic garage studio.

Fran the man (casual)

No matter how much I do it, it continues to fascinate me that the "set" can look like a scene out of a Stanley Kubrik film but the photo that emerges from it can look so polished.

Photography is the coolest kind of magic!

Fran the man BTS
Strobist info: From the behind-the-scenes shot above, you can see what the scene looked like from a (lot) wider angle. The white background paper behind him was lit with an SB-25 in a 1/8" Honl grid, zoomed to 85mm and fired at some low-ish power. The "hair light" was an SB-800 up high behind him in a Lumiquest SB-III mini-softbox, zoomed to 35mm, and fired at 1/8th power-ish. The key light is an LP-180 with a 1/4 CTO warming gel to camera right in a humongous 60" Photek Softlighter II, zoomed to 24mm and fired at 1/4-ish power. The white board to camera left is a fill board to bounce some of the key back into the shadow side of his face. After I took this shot, I ended up blocking some of that contrast-killing backlight from hitting the camera lens by hanging a piece of black foamcore precariously from the overhead garage door opener from the strategically-placed, whole-studio natural-light adjustment mechanism.