After seeing how The Fighter turned out, I remembered something one of the modern-day photographers I look up to, Joe McNally said: "If you want to make a photo more interesting, don't light all of it".

So, we turned off the front light for Sonic's turn in this year's Halloween series to try to highlight the signature shape of his head. Without the front light, you can probably imagine that we had to get him to turn his head just enough to one side to light his face from one of the back lights, otherwise the photo doesn't work. That part was just luck, but setting myself up to try to get lucky pays off occasionally and that is the lesson I learned in making this photo.

And get your mind out of the gutter if you misinterpreted that last sentence!

Strobist info: This shot is lit only by the two back/rim lights, an SB-600 & an SB-25, both snooted and zoomed to 85mm and, fired at 1/16 power.