Unforgettable fourth

We spent this 4th of July celebrating with family on Lake Winnipesaukee. The unofficial, crowd-sourced fireworks popping up all around the lake were even more fun to see that the professionally orchestrated versions!

Thanks to the passing hurricane (Arthur), the weather was very hit-or-miss, but I tried a little white-balance color shift camera magic to liven up the boring gray overcast sky in this shot of the boys - but given their level of fun-having, maybe livening-up wasn't even necessary.

Boys on blue
Strobist info: The boring, gray strong overcast sky was underexposed ~2 stops, shifted to blue by White Balancing to tungsten, and they were lit with an SB-800 gelled with Full CTO + 1/2 CTO gels, 1/2 power zoomed to 50mm in a white shoot-through umbrella to camera right.